Laura Lang
Laura Lang
multidisciplinary creative
concept and brand
ART Director
+ Designer
multidisciplinary creative with expertise in digital + product design and art. Creating and directing intuitive, exciting and recognisable experiences.
visual art direction
Through thoughtful aesthetics, impactful visuals and meaningful storytelling, we can stand out and capture attention, creating a lasting impact by tapping into the emotional realm of the user.
design aesthetics
experience design
Understanding the influence of psychology, visual rules and semantics, we are able to guide the perception and support the actions of the user, facilitating the creation of intuitive user interfaces for both digital and physical products.
design theory
inclusive design
Building a recognisable and consistent look and experience throughout our product or portfolio in order to capture attention, identify with and build trust.
product design language
brand DNA
brand strategy
expertise + projects
Interface Design
Web Design
Graphic Design
Product Concept Design
Product Aesthetics
Design Audit
Product Brand Language
Visual Brand Identity
Logo Design
Visual Storytelling
Concept Art
Holding a Masters Degree in Design I am currently working as a Senior Designer at Made Antwerp, concepting, creating, directing and guarding design identities and intuitive user experiences of digital interfaces and physical products.

2004 I started my journey of practicing fine-art. With great support and mentoring of Rene Chacon, I had the chance to grow my work as an artist and take part and organise several local exhibitions in Germany.

Beyond art and design, I find joy in nature and birdlife as well as table top gaming. My love for illustration and visual storytelling merges with these passions. I have been working on several personal projects in these fields, e.g. the online bird voice library Rubecula.
Rubecula web and app interface, illustration, 2019
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